You sit there


Or maybe longing

For the shattering

To cease

Instead the shards

Drip with


You no longer


Invisible scars

Scattered across

Your core


or was it


To assume love

Was anything


What does it mean

To be a ghost

A shadow of self

Asking the clouds

To cleanse out

The sky where

My memories


Or at least downpour

Until I find

the riptide

America the Blue

The look across your face

As the blood streaks


The light only shining

When the darkness gets

Broken brick by brick

Saturated with the sweat

Of all the weight

Pressed upon you by the

Endless masses expecting

You to teach

All the gray into a color

We can all agree to


Never admitting it was


Bleeding off the backs

Of those you

Were forced

To see

All the hues

Lost in the stripe

Of white

Blinding the truth

America the Blue


I want to be

Made out of

The courage in

Faery Tales-

So I can fight the demons

Inside my mind

And slip through a

Looking Glass

To see a mask

Left on the other


As I walk head held


To love that transcends




Dear You,

You wanted it to be easy. Just like the way people need. And as you bleed, there is a shadow between your thoughts and their sounds. The parts of you masked beneath its attempt to wallow with the want to be seen, but that isn’t how it seems as all these faces walk on in-only to leave. You invite them to shine under the softening moonlight-a warrior who champions without questioning why you go unseen. You want to be chosen, and the breaths lose count except when you ask me to stay or to leave, and all I have are these exchanges of breaths-where you begin as I end, so take it into the sky as the day shines bright. Never look back at the shadows which helped you to believe. You say nothing as I dissipate into the scene.