When Mythologies Collide

It isn’t you, although you have told yourself time and time again

that it must be me, and maybe it is.

Maybe I have given up on being your phoenix,

awaiting the next needy moment that disastrously burns everything

but my soul. And I suppose my ability to rise again

was exciting the few times it occurred–watching beauty burning in the

twilight, only to erupt in a roar of glory.

You said I was magnificent, that you were in awe of my strength.

You had never attempted to fully allow someone to take all of you

for fear that you’d never return. You said it was your

mother’s fault, that her venom was too powerful to take such risks.

I only nodded my head in a disillusioned agreement, since I knew

the wrath of mothers and lived in fear of fathers.

I could have seen the signs, they were drawn along your veins like

invisible lines pleading to be set free. Each touch a cosmic reminder

that this world had betrayed us both and our bodies were destined for the stars.

I should have felt the embers once you learned there was a power hidden

among my desire to somehow complete you, breathing in unsuspecting need

to drain me of everything good.

It wasn’t your fault, you whispered as fangs bit down and my energy

became yours. You had become intoxicated by its allure, seeing that fire as

your only escape from a past riddled with indecision.

And I, well, I have been here before;

my feathers ruffled and colors burning brighter with every ignite

regardless of who started or ended the fight.

It was I who took the first flight, but I only did so to get a better view,

and that was when you knew how I had survived all the scars that glitter among

the moonlight. That was when you sprung like your mother, the one person

you feared in your life.

You embodied her lack of compassion, but told me I was not giving enough.

Secrets line the darkness like my light lined yours, and you coiled if I began

to examine too closely.

You were never trying to consume, and yet every mark along my body warned

that I was soon to disappear. There was something about you,

even you had seen others find it despite your inability to find it yourself, too.

We were drawn to your shine, it could illuminate and dim all at the same time.

A mesmerizing effect as one approaches; no one knew whether to hold you or run

once you got too close. And yet, my feathers found a home as you held me close with

your words, and I told myself this would be enough. I didn’t open my eyes, just as you

had asked. You said it was so you could describe every detail, and yours lit up the night

behind closed lids, and I could taste and touch and believe in all of it. But, maybe, that

is what you truly wanted me to do, it did give you time to attempt to drain me dry.

But, had you forgotten my spirit was blazing deep within? I have never needed the light

of another to be able to see in the dark. Living amongst terror only provided me a chance

to shine a light for others, so you couldn’t have guessed that my home was always darker

than who you could become. It didn’t matter if you were you, or the shadow of someone I

once knew.

You all come for the same purpose, and because my wings opened with grace,

Each of you believed you could take it all without leaving a trace.

But, that isn’t how it works, since my scars hold the embodiment of knowledge and experiences abound.

For once you attempt to take, I can begin to see what it is you truly mean to find

as my embers begin to dim within. But you could never have known, since

my actions are not based on fear alone, so a moment that you’d run is one I’d try

since it only builds my spirit when it needs to finally ignite the dreadfilled sky.

And that is when I leave, the moment you feel you’ll be complete by leaving me obsolete.

I ashen to ruins, and hold my breath-I take from within and give it to hope instead.

Repeat the mantra, breathe in my very last breath. And then I ignite brighter than

any of your daylight’s become–leaving you bewildered as I take flight

whole yet completely undone.


briah nicole k luther

When Mythologies Collide

I said the words needed,

But they were nothing

I wanted to say

The sunlight is in every


And with a longing to which

I could never consider

A stare

Because those lips

Spark like fireflies

I have only seen once

But they lit up the

Darkness with the littlest

Of light

The way your laugh


And goes on for days

Your softness effortlessly

Finds my rough fingers

Until night becomes


But none of this escapes

Because words drift

Like logs along my


And only splinters

Seem to stay


As an adjective,

Not a verb

The kind that angles

Itself to your heart

Strings that never attach

Nor do they exist

In the truths of any


But they exist, all the same

Words which held truth

But never held strings

To actions that create


So as one falls into

Cold concrete, you have

To wonder if this lasting

Love is more a concussion

You will never get rid of

And yet you close your eyes

And become the broken you,

An adjective without verbs

Words without reason

Memories without purpose

A sun with no seasons

Beautifully handsome

Stoically truthful,

Broken you

With no future of


An adjective with

A semicolon

Clouds with so much caution

You could forget anything

Real once lived here

Forgive me, but i have been

in a dream state

one that lets me

Erase and Replace

without having the guilt

it would take to

keep you


In that unsteady part

of my mind

which longs for honesty, truth,

and trust


I will pack you away

in a luggage case

shuttle you through the


Past, Regret, Retrace,

and Remembrances of You

to a space brand new,

Not yet titled

but i am positive this is where

i’ll store these memories

just in case they’ll ever need

to be used

no, it mustn’t be


nor could it ever be


but it does need its own

special lock and key

it isn’t

Every Day Remembrance

and shouldn’t be trivialised

to think it won’t


back into the frontal aisles

when it is least wanted

and easily skewed

because isn’t that when

all shadows find their


when someone forgets

to remember they live

beneath the hues

Is it enough to be there with the fall

when the rumble becomes mountains

and there is nothing left to give

toppled along the beaten path

forgetting the visions which led you


unless you close your eyes

and taste it upon your tongue

as if the memories were within reach

the saltwater breathing life

and it streaks flushed cheeks

as if writing your name

only stains with the rain

upon sand which slips through

the tides

finding a new shore long before

the sunrises again

bringing the sun with its light

spreading across the wind

which briskly leaves

something new

even while the longing

never quite disappears


The ways your

Smile could illuminate the

Darkest of night

How no emptiness could

Become the swallow

Even when you dove

Into the deepest of

Cavernous caves


The smile

The pride of

A lion cub who

Never cries; the pride

Which kept you alive

Despite this world’s

Cruelest of strifes


The window is weighted

Only in glass

And even as the cub

Becomes a lioness with

A mane

The glass reflects the purest

Of forms

While also providing

A glimpse into

What can come

If you spring forth

Instead of coil


Your love is love

No matter what

Anyone may say

I wanted to say

But the words

Dripped off

And bled down

In streams,

A remembrance of


Depleted the words

Right out of me

I wanted to dream

Dreams of cascading

Lights above like a lagoon

While you sleep beneath

Glass houses

Ever serene, ever to


That this was just

One version that doesn’t


A mirage reflective

Across the pond

Awaiting the sun’s

Final fall